Management in practice

How can your company increase the ability of management and managers to create committed employees? Management can be complex and synergy and high-performance in the management group do not come by itself.

In the process, work is done on common definitions of management and code of conduct, combined with tools for specific management challenges. This gives the management team the opportunity to develop a common language, while increasing the individual’s management level. The process is adapted to your business, and a common and important element is that there must be a combination of a professional and a personal perspective – that is what makes management development efficiently.


At FRONTPEOPLE A/S, we have developed a concept that frames the complexity of management in one process, with people at the center thinking about 360 degrees around the development of your business. You will find that the outcome of a VI Strategy™ process is increased cohesion in management and strengthened management performance.

Your company’s vision, mission and cultural values are used as a guideline to discuss management and code of conduct, i.e. good management, so that they make sense and are carried on by everyone.

The customer’s positive feedback has meant that we have chosen to protect the conecept VI Strategy™ with a trademark. The VI in VI-Strategy™   is danish for we and is not by chance. For the company’s strategy to succeed, everyone must be on the same journey.

Day of the leaders

24 hours to make a change

    • The entire management team is invited to 24 hours of tailored intensive socializing with time for both the professional and the social.
    • Strengthen your confidence factor as a basis honest dialogue and effective returns.
    • It all takes place in informal settings – away from the office and everyday.
    • Focus on the managerial tasks and issues that we may not be given enough attention to daily.
    • How can I play my management colleagues better and how can they play me better?
    • Where am I a resource for others and when are others a resource for me?
    • What is good management in our company? How do we exercise it and what behavior do we have to establish in order to promote our cultural values?

    If you consider an effective boost to the management team’s cooperative development and performance, please contact us.

    The strengthening of cooperative trust in the management team has been mentioned by one of our customers as the greatest benefit:

    “It was important for our leaders to create a common understanding of the direction in which the leadership group would move, including reviewing and reconciling the vision and mission of each department. The management managed to strengthen mutual trust in each other, which will certainly benefit future cooperation. ‘  Henrik H. Blicher, DIN supply A/S.

    “It’s rare to win anything in team sports, alone”

    This is how the handball player Mikkel Hansen says about team performance, which increasingly also applies to companies. Numerous major international companies, such as Microsoft, have for many years also worked very seriously to create what they call “A One company culture”, read furthermore in this link.

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