Make the best start for your new employee

53% of all externally recruited managers quit within 1 year.Source: CNN Money, Fortune
22% of new employees who quit do so within the first 2 months.Source: ”Onboarding – flyvende fra start”, Harpelund og Højbjerg, 2016.

Onboarding, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism that
through which new employees acquire the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to become effective organizational members. Leadership onboarding is another essential exercise for companies, since managers not only affect sideways and upwards in the organization, but also to a large extent downwards. Unengaged new hires who remain unmotivated in their new jobs, and subsequently leave the position, thus have a potentially greater negative impact on the organization than a specialist leaving the organization.

Job satisfaction – on the long run

At FRONTPEOPLE A / S, onboarding is firmly included in our recruitment services, where in the first year after employment a minimum of 2-3 follow-up meetings are held with the candidate and the hiring manager. We have the advantage of being an external third party who can express needs, shortcomings or successes in the collaboration between candidate and manager, and in addition to align common goals and prerequisites for good cooperation and job satisfaction.