Get insight and strengthen the decision-making with person reviews

We use personality tests, NEO-PI-3, in the overall valuation of candidates’ suitability for specific positions.

The NEO-PI-3 is the most proven personality test worldwide and is based on the internationally Five-Factor Model, based on several decades of international empirical research in personality, and the underlying theory is the most widely accepted in personality psychology.

In the work with personality tests, we are critical and speculating about candidates’ personal competencies and we examine these through an in-depth interview. We focus both on uncovering the candidate’s personal development potentials and attention points as well as the areas defined for a future employer such as the candidate’s ability to change and decide, management capacity and values. This ensures successful employment – for both parties.

People and management can be complex. Personality tests do not reveal the fully truth, but provide pointers that can make complex decisions and judgments manageable. At FRONTPEOPLE A / S we are certified in several personality tests and behavior tests. The test package is composed depending on the nature of the position and the task.

Assessments and quality checks of internal candidates

We also offer person reviews for internal employment.

No matter who or where the candidate comes from, it may be important to get a deeper knowledge of the person. For some types of positions, there are often internal candidates who must be evaluated, on equal terms as the rest of the field. We create this opportunity and present a comparable basis for the hiring manager.

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