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FRONTPEOPLE A/S is a nationwide recruitment company founded in 2007 with two offices in Denmark, Vejle (Jutland) and Brøndby (Zealand). We are experts in recruitment, headhunting and executive search of talented executives, leaders and specialists within:

We are experienced in cooperating with Danish and international companies from different industries and with different business ownerships such as listed companies, fond companies, family owned companies, private companies, companies in the public sector etc.

Human & business understanding delivers quality recruitment 

We balance your expectations of our collaboration and carry out a complete profile clarification to make sure we deliver an agile and adequate process based on your requirements. Our experience shows that consultancy, search competences and quality service are key factors when finding the perfect match between companies and candidates.

We know the importance of understanding your company’s DNA and culture, in combination with a coverage of requirements for performance. Recruiting key employees is about strengthening your competitiveness and ensuring that the company redeems its ambitions and expectations for the future.

Our DNA is to aim higher and to make sure you do as well

  • We have a success rate on 97%.
  • 95% of our customers are returning customers
  • We have one of the best guarantees within our field.
  • We perform at least two follow-up interviews during the first year of the employment
  • Recruitment


    Effective process when the candidate field is actively seeking a new job.

    In an ad-based recruitment, we ensure that you achieve maximum value and efficiency in the process. The time spent in the recruitment process can be minimized and targeted to the most relevant and actively seeking candidates.

    The requirement for FRONTPEOPLE’s success rate of 97% is that we are cooperative and detailed in the process that we have a common understanding of the position and of the candidate profile. Only then can we communicate to the desired candidate profiles.

    Based on many years of experience and insight into the attraction phase we ensure that the position is exposed in the right media, to the right candidates, and then ensuring the best results.

    We handle the entire process from the preparation of the profile description to the initial interviews and person reviews.

    You can focus on meeting the selected candidates, and even contribute to evaluation and decision-making regarding the hiring.Ad-based recruitment is for you who lack the time for a recruitment process, do not get the right applicants when you do a job posting yourself, or perhaps have a recruitment error behind you and therefore miss advice on the recruitment task.

  • Headhunting


    Why choose headhunting as a method?

    Headhunting is aimed at companies that find it difficult to attract relevant candidates through job advertisements.

    By choosing Headhunting, also called search, as a method for finding your next employee, you are guaranteed to get access to the candidates who are not actively seeking a job. This increases the opportunities for attracting the best candidates for your business.

    Successful Headhunting through collaboration

    A Headhunting at FRONTPEOPLE is a proven, structured and value-creating collaboration that is based on preparation. The most important and preliminary exercise is therefore to ensure that the company’s wishes are well defined, this includes the purpose of the employment and the profile of the new employee.

    We prepare a search strategy and attraction plan, and then screen relevant candidates.

    We present a competent candidate field.

    “We have experienced a professional handling of the tasks, and it has made the process of selecting and hiring new employees simple and it have effective for us.”DIN Forsyning A/S

  • Executive search

    Executive Search

    Executive Search adds value to your company

    Being able to recruit these so-called “passive candidates” is difficult and is sometimes what it takes to be the best in the market. Finding the perfect candidate who matches the company’s values requires expertise and resources.

    FRONTPEOPLE’s approach to Executive Search is a proactive and systematic coverage for candidates who are not searching for job actively.

    In addition to searching in e.g. LinkedIn and CV data banks, our search function works with our information network. In this way, we ensure that candidates are identified-

    The passive candidates do not waste time searching for job offers but might be curious if offered the right position.

    ” We chose FRONTPEOPLE for the task of finding a new executive for Middelfart Spildevand. It has been very positive to see qualified candidate. We now have a competent executive who fits the company’s value ​​”- Middelfart Spildevand A/S.

  • Assessment


    We are certified in various personality- and behavior tests, and members of Viden Center for Professionel Personvurdering. Our consultants use NEO-PI-3 and IST200R, in our assessment process for evaluating the candidate and job fit. NEO-PI-3 is the most widely tested personality test worldwide and is based on the internationally regarded five-factor model, based on decades of international empirical research on personality. The underlying theory is the most widely recognized in the field of personality psychology.

    We are critically and exploring the candidates’ personal competencies and focus both on uncovering the candidate’s personal development potentials and points of attention, as well as the areas defined for an upcoming employer such as the candidate’s change and decision-making ability, leadership capacity and values. This ensures successful hiring – for both parties.

    The test package is compiled depending on the nature of the position and the task.

    Assessment of teams and internal candidates

    We also offer assessments on in-house candidates and recruitments. We have the experience and tools if there is a need for clarity of a leadership profiles or the leadership capacity of the management group, or if the decision-making needs strengthened in connection with the appointment of a candidate.

    Contact us on tel. +45 75 19 19 38 or mail@frontpeople.dk and hear more about our assessment and candidate assessments.


You are always welcome to contact one of our consultants if you and your company have a question concerning our recruitment methods such as Headhunting and Executive Search

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