rimary skills

Peter Thyssen has a broad background from retail, auto, the merchant fleet and the financial sector, and as a specialist, manager and director has gained experience in sales and change management. Peter lost his heart to the consulting industry in 1998 and has been with Broneé & Partners and Cosmos Group before founding FRONTPEOPLE A / S in 2007. Peter lives in Brejning in private and his spare time is active with Mrs. Birgitte and four children.



  • Aarhus Universitet, Strategic Sourcing
  • PLUS Leadership, Board Governance
  • Mini MBA, Change Management
  • Aarhus Universitet, Strategisk Planning/Balance Scorecard
  • Merkonom (Marketingline), IBC Fredericia
  • Education in leadership and psychology, including process consultant education
  • Leadership education in J. Lauritzen A/S, Codan Forsikring A/S, JCI og FRONTPEOPLE A/S

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