Our network is essential and helps us innovate and share experiences within headhunting, Executive Search and recruitment. Our network consists of different organizations and companies within our work area.

The Innovation Board

The Innovation Board is a Danish consulting firm which helps start-ups and well-established companies innovate. The Innovation Board focuses on how each company uses innovation and how it wants to innovate. The recruitment business is innovating rapidly. We keep a close eye on Headhunting, Executive Search and recruitment of executives and specialist in order to keep up with new challenges and make sure to give our customers the best service possible.


DISCnordic is an authorized everything DISC Partner which offers solution within Human Resource. Their solutions consist of validated tools designed to create better relations and results in an organization.
DISCnordic’s expertise within Human Resource makes sure that we always have the right tools and makes it possible to work with Search & Selection, Headhunting and Executive Search on the highest level possible

Search Danmark

Search Danmark is the trade association for Executive Search and Search & Selection companies in Denmark. The association cooperate and makes sure that all its members fulfill the requirements for recruitment and Executive Search.
Thanks to our cooperation with Search Danmark we always get the newest information and sector statistics which makes it possible to remain one of the most innovate and professional recruitment partners for our clients.

Glade Chefer

Glade Chefer is a danish network which focuses on great leadership. The network shares information with its members about innovative leadership and how to increase job satisfaction.
The network helps us to understand every single aspect of great management culture and job satisfaction which makes sure that we the right tools to screen the perfect job candidate for you and your company.

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