Get insight and strengthen the decision-making with person reviews

We use the personality tests, NEO-PI-3, in the overall valuation of candidates.

The NEO-PI-3 is the most quality-assured personality test worldwide and is based on several decades of international empirical researches.

We are always critical whenever we use personality tests in our work which is why we make sure to interview and examine the candidate throughout the entire process.

We focus on both uncovering the candidate’s potential and potentials for personal development.

People and management can be complex. Personality tests do not reveal the full truth but provide pointers that can make complex decisions and judgments less complicated. We are certified in several personality and behavior tests.

Assessments and quality checks of internal candidates

We both offer recruitment of internal and external candidates. You might have a qualified candidate within your company, but sometimes it is important to have a second and more objective opinion about the candidate.

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