We do whatever it takes to become the most value-creating recruitment company in Denmark – both for candidates as well as for companies.

Feel free to contact one of our consultants if you have any questions to our process, guaranties or our industry experience.

As a member of VPP Center for Knowledge of Professional Assessment and the industry association for the Search & Selection and Executive Search companies in Denmark, Search Denmark we make sure that all our customers get the opportunity to give honest feedback on our services.

We therefore make use of measurements for quality and satisfaction in collaboration with the advisor company, Rambøll

4,6 out of 5 on the Likert scale

As a funding member of the industry association for Search & Selection and Executive Search companies in Denmark, Search Denmark, it is our ambition to ensure the highest standards in relation to both members and clients. As a active member we work together to higher the standards and the tranparency in the business.

According to the latest Likert scale by Rambøll Search Denmark’s customer’s satisfaction reaches 4,6 point out of 5. This shows that we actively contribute to raising the quality and provide valuable services of a very high quality to the customers.