The biggest challenge in recruitment, Headhunting and Executive Search is trust. Many companies feel insecure whenever they are outsourcing their recruitment process because finding the right candidate is essential for the company’s growth.

We have since the beginning been raising the quality standards and visibility for our work at FRONTPEOPLE A/S. Back in February 2018 we founded the trade association, Search Danmark, together with other Search & Selection and Executive Search companies. The trade association’s function is to create more transparency and assure that all its members follow the same set of rules.

Executive Search and Headhunting standards to ensure your company’s growth

All Search Danmark members must live up to the same high standards whenever it comes to Executive Search and Headhunting which makes it easier for Danish and international companies in Denmark to choose the right recruitment agency for the job.

Search Danmark is a community that helps Executive Search & Search and Selection companies improve their qualifications.

At FRONTPEOPLE A/S we receive relevant information and sector statistics on a continuing basis to make sure that we always deliver the best results in recruitment of executives, managers and specialists.

Search Danmark – One shared mission for recruitment agencies in Denmark

At Search Denmark there are certain authentication requirements. The requirements work as a seal of approval for all its members and provide a better overview of qualified and serious Executive Search and Search & Selection companies in Denmark.

Search Danmark has published seven rules any recruitment agency has to obey in order to succeed.  The set of rules ensures that both the candidate and the company are comfortable and well informed throughout the entire recruitment process.

Search Danmark’s seven goals for its members:

  1. An objective and ethical recruitment procedure to encourage diversity at the workplace
  2. To deliver a high standard of communication before, under and after the recruitment process – this includes feedback for all candidates who have been part of the screening process.
  3. To make sure that collected references of candidates agree with the candidate.
  4. Documents must be treated confidentially due to respect of the customers and candidates.
  5. To follow guidelines drawn-up by VPP (knowledge center for professional personal assessment).
  6. To obey relevant constitutions according to The GDPR (The general data protection regulation).
  7. Examination of recruitment procedures with feedback from candidates and companies.

Guarantee of quality when you cooperate with one of Search Danmark’s members

There is an increasing demand for recruitment and Headhunting of executives, managers and specialists in Denmark which means that more and more recruitment agencies offer clever solutions and compete on price instead of quality. The increasing supply makes it difficult to navigate and choose the right solution for your company.

Search Danmark’s goal is to create confidence between its members and companies looking for a qualified recruitment agency. Members of Search Danmark must document guarantees on solved tasks and be transparent in their working methods to ensure that they deliver a quality service.

Search Danmark’s goal is to establish industry standards within customer satisfaction surveys and to establish an authorization agreement that gives companies a general view of qualified Search & Selection and Executive Search companies in Denmark.

Read more about Search Danmark and VPP 

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