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Purpose of processing your information

The purpose of processing personal data at FRONTPEOPLE A/S is to find, assess, qualify and develop candidates, as well as to be able to provide our recruitment services, consulting and assessment, as well as other advice, as part of doing business.

FRONTPEOPLE A/S is the data controller for the collection and processing of personal data.

FRONTPEOPLE A/S is data controller for the collection and processing of personal data.


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What do we use your personal information for?

Vi anvender dine personoplysninger til

  • To evaluate your candidacy for a given position
  • Being able to conduct business through our services, and being able to contact you and others as part of our company
  • To make statistics, surveys and analyzes for the benefit of clients and candidates
  • To improve the quality and user experience of our website, as well as provide you with the necessary information about the applicable market, including targeted material and job opportunities that we believe may be of interest to you
  • To ensure that our internal procedure and infrastructure, at all times, comply with applicable law and regulatory obligations, including IT systems, data, auditing, and website hosting.

What information do we collect?

We collect general personal information such as name, place of residence, contact information, professional and educational experience, competencies, and other information that you find relevant to us. Separate consent is obtained when processing references.

As a general rule, we will never process sensitive information unless you submit data yourself, and we have explicit consent to process it from the data subject. We encourage you not to submit any sensitive information unless a clear agreement is made. It is your responsibility that the information provided is not inaccurate and misleading.

Personal data that is not relevant to how the work is to be organized and performed is not included in an assessment of the data subject’s candidacy. If there is a specific assessment for this, we can, with your consent, obtain a criminal record. When employed in a particularly trusted position, credit information may be obtained on the basis of an explicit consent from you, as well as a specific assessment of the function to be performed.

We process personal data from open CV databases, including social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook and others. in connection with our recruitment processes. FRONTPEOPLE A / S does not process personal data of candidates without their express consent.

If you contact us by mail or telephone, we have the opportunity to collect and record information about the conversation in question.

If you grant FRONTPEOPLE A / S access to personal information about other persons, this must be done in accordance with applicable law. You therefore have an obligation to inform the person concerned and to obtain the necessary permissions to process data.

Disclosure of personal data to third parties

FRONTPEOPLE A / S and its employees are subject to a duty of confidentiality, which means that no personal data of the data subject is disclosed to third parties without the data subject’s consent. The recipients of personal data submitted to FRONTPEOPLE A / S are suppliers and their subcontractors, as well as employees of FRONTPEOPLE A / S, unless specific consent has been given to others. Thus, your personal information will not be disclosed to our customer until we have your explicit consent.

When you submit personal information through our systems, you also consent to the fact that our suppliers and subcontractors may process your data. We may disclose your information to our suppliers and subcontractors, in order to comply with the necessary safety and regulatory requirements. In order to process your collected information, we need to use suppliers and subcontractors. administrative systems such as IT systems or auditing.

All parties entering into contractual relationships with FRONTPEOPLE A / S are subject to requirements of confidentiality and security. FRONTPOEPLE A / S has entered into a data processing agreement with all suppliers, including system suppliers, IT suppliers and test portals, to ensure the candidate’s safety in relation to the Personal Data Regulation.

FRONTPEOPLE A / S undertakes, at all times, to have appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure, and to be able to document, that the treatment is in accordance with the legislation.

Storage, insight, editing and deletion of personal data

As registered, you have the right to delete, correct or gain access to your personal data at FRONTPEOPLE A / S. In addition, you may, at any time, withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data. FRONTPEOPLE A / S undertakes to delete all personal data of a data subject if there is a requirement to do so. If you wish to have your data deleted or corrected, send an email to, after which all personal data from registered persons will be deleted.

It also applies if you want to gain insight into the personal data we have about you. Write to and we will send you an overview as soon as possible.

FRONTPEOPLE A / S stores and deletes personal data in accordance with the law, as long as necessary and permitted by law for the purpose of processing your information. We take the necessary steps to ensure the credibility, accuracy and relevance of meeting the purpose of processing your information.


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Contact information, handling complaints and questions

If you have any questions or similar regarding the processing of personal data, please contact us at You can complain to the National Data Protection Authority, the Data Inspectorate, if you do not consider the processing of your personal data as secure. For further information regarding the applicable personal data law see