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We recruit after the market’s highest standards and are the founding board member of the trade association Search Denmark
FRONTPEOPLE A/S contributes to delivering high quality in the industry


Strengthen your company’s competitiveness and your expectations for the future through our Search and recruitment skills.
We deliver a success rate of 97% and offer one of the market’s best guarantee scheme

Meet the team

FRONTPEOPLE – experts in recruitment, Headhunting & Executive Search

FRONTPEOPLE A/S is a well-established consulting firm which specializes within recruiting executives, leaders and other specialists. Since the very beginning the vision has been to make sure that both Danish and international companies in Denmark easily and effectively can outsource their entire recruitment process. To ensure that we can maintain our goals and commitment we founded Search Danmark together with other Executive Search and Search companies from all around the country. Search Danmark is the trade association for Danish Search & Selection and Executive Search companies in Denmark. Search Danmark makes it easier for Danish and international companies to choose the right recruitment agency for the job.

Professional and qualified leadership is one of the most essential things for a company’s growth. We have been working with many Danish and international companies all over the country. We treat our customers equally which is why we do not take on more clients than we can handle. With a success rate of 97% and 12 months guarantee on the chosen candidate, we are proud to say that we are one of the best consultancies within recruiting leaders and specialist in the entire country.

FRONTPEOPLE has one office in Vejle (Jutland) and one in Brøndby (Zealand). The offices make it possible to cooperate with companies all over Denmark.

Recruitment that makes your company grow 

We are fully aware of the increasing demand for recruitment, Executive Search, Search & Selection along with other services. The high demand also means that more and more recruitment agencies offer these specific needs. It can be rough to find the company that suits you and your company’s values the best.

Our main goal is to create valuable Headhunting and recruitment. For the same reason we are not chosen by our clients because we are the cheapest consultancy within our field. Years of experience has taught us that professional recruitment takes time and cost money.
The best way to find out if we are suited for the task is to contact one of our consultants.

An innovative business

It is important to be innovative and focus on contemporary tendencies within recruitment, Headhunting and Executive Search in order to maintain an efficient recruitment agency.

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