Headhunting and Executive Search are extensive disciplines and it can be difficult to navigate the jungle of recruitment companies. It can be tempting to choose the most well-known in the industry, but what in reality provides the most value for your company? We share our personal experiences in the industry:

Find a headhunter with a good track record

There can be many risks associated with a recruitment company without a visible track record. A track record acts as documentation that the recruitment company in question has enough experience in the given area. If you are looking to recruit an accounting specialist, it is an advantage to choose a recruitment company that can at least document that they are recruiting a candidate within the same field. The recruiting company’s track record typically appears on the company’s website under “industry experience” or similar.


Feel the chemistry between you and the headhunter

The chemistry between you and the consultant is just as important as the chemistry with your employees. It is important that you feel safe before, during and after the process when you work with a recruitment company. If you do not experience any kind of chemistry or if you have a bad feeling in your gut, it is a good indicator that you should look for another recruitment consultant or company.


The recruitmen sompany’s succes rate

The recruitment company’s success rate is typically visible on the website if they have delivered a good result. If the recruiting company does not want to disclose previously solved work tasks, your alarm bells should start ringing.


Transparency is key

When you choose a recruitment partner, you should pay attention to whether the recruitment company is sufficiently transparent in its procedures and working methods. A skilled consultant should act as a sparring partner and clearly inform the company about relevant observations of the candidates.

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