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Recruiting through your own network can be an easy and effective way to recruit, but there are also disadvantages and pitfalls that you and your company should avoid. Networking only provides access to a limited number of candidates. If you’re looking for new skills, you should consider whether network recruitment is the best option. In our experience, an external recruitment partner can add a lot of value because recruitment companies often have a lot of expertise in which profile type fits best in the company. Align expectations with your recruitment partner and use the skills your recruitment partner can bring to the table.


Advantages of recruiting through your network
One of the clear benefits of recruiting through your network is that you save time and money. You don’t have to spend time or resources on advertising or using external recruitment agencies.

Disadvantages when recruiting through your network
One of the most common tendencies when recruiting through your network is that you recruit from your own mirror image. You often end up recruiting from a very limited part of the available workforce in the labor market. Without realizing it, you can quickly overlook the best-qualified candidate for a given job position. Your network is typically made up of profiles that are similar in some way, and in many cases you may not realize which profile will benefit your business the most.

Are you stuck? Then you should consider a recruitment partner
At FRONTPEOPLE A/S, we are experts in recruiting directors, managers and specialists. We act as a headhunter and business partner and are efficient and deliberate in our recruitment process. For us, it is not enough to find a candidate who meets the objective criteria. We understand your company’s DNA and make sure to find candidates who are proactive and committed. We use our experience and avoid costly mistakes when recruiting for your business.

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Business-driven recruitment – it’s our specialty, it’s what we’re passionate about. Since 2007, we have been recruiting in the entire value chain.

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