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At FRONTPEOPLE A/S, we always use personality and cognitive tests as part of our recruitment tools when recruiting candidates. Our personality and cognitive tests give us a more nuanced insight into the candidate’s behavior and help us ensure that we find the candidate who best fits your company’s DNA.


Why is personality tests important?
The personality test helps provide insight into the candidate’s personality. As such, there are no right or wrong answers. We use the NEO-PI-3 as a tool to be critical and questioning about the candidate’s personal competencies. The personality test does not provide the full truth, but can make assessments and complex decisions tangible.

Why are more companies using cognitive test in their recruitming processes?
The cognitive test is being used more and more across the country. The test is based on the candidate’s ability to reason logically and analytically in different contexts. The cognitive test is based on the candidate’s age group and is comparable to an IQ test. A leadership position typically has a high degree of complexity and therefore requires a candidate with good cognitive skills. Even if the candidate is extroverted, approachable and gives a good impression during the job interview, the candidate must also undergo the cognitive test to assess whether the candidate has the necessary cognitive surplus to create a satisfactory result.

Can you recruit solely on pasonality and cognitive tests?

Personality and cognitive tests should only be seen as a guideline to find the right match between candidate and company. At FRONTPEOPLE A/S, we focus on creating a complete overview of the candidate’s personality. This requires tests, interviews and reference interviews. It is crucial how the candidate performs in a leadership role and how they relate to other employees. These are factors that neither algorithms nor behavioral tests can measure.

FRONTPEOPLE who are we?

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