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A common tendency is for companies to have painted a glossy picture of the ideal candidate before recruiting. You may be looking for a candidate with the right educational background and relevant work experience. Sometimes you can even end up falling in love with the candidate’s CV and forget about the person behind it. Years of recruitment experience have shown us that the above example can be a huge expense if you make the same mistake.


Focus on hire the people behind the CV
When looking for the right leadership profile, it’s important that you hire a leader who has the right value and culture match for your business. If you hire a candidate based solely on their CV, you risk huge financial costs and wasted time. Both because the candidate may quickly seek new opportunities, but also because the candidate may not perform adequately due to a lack of motivation and job satisfaction. Our advice is to hire a candidate who fits the company’s DNA and can lead your team. Competencies are undoubtedly important, but your company may benefit more from hiring the “next best thing” who actually fits the company’s profile and gets along well with colleagues.


Align your expectations and be clear about the values and company culture
To find the ideal leadership profile, it’s also important that you are honest about the current company conditions, culture and values. It’s a disservice to present yourself as something you are not. Once hired, the candidate will quickly see through the company structure and if it doesn’t match what the candidate has been promised, it can have fatal consequences.

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