Why choose headhunting as a method?

Headhunting is aimed at companies that find it difficult to attract relevant candidates through job advertisements.

By choosing Headhunting, also called search, as a method for finding your next employee, you are guaranteed to get access to the candidates who are not actively seeking a job. This increases the opportunities for attracting the best candidates for your business.

Successful Headhunting through collaboration

A Headhunting at FRONTPEOPLE is a proven, structured and value-creating collaboration that is based on preparation. The most important and preliminary exercise is therefore to ensure that the company’s wishes are well defined, this includes the purpose of the employment and the profile of the new employee.

We prepare a search strategy and attraction plan, and then screen relevant candidates.

We present a competent candidate field.

“We have experienced a professional handling of the tasks, and it has made the process of selecting and hiring new employees simple and it have effective for us.”DIN Forsyning A/S