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Many have recently experienced that technology has taken over in several areas. The close network has been strengthened. Efficiency has been increased in several places in the short term, and some have experienced that they have lacked human contact.

When at some point we are all back at work, many countries will find themselves in a different situation than they are familiar with. The interesting thing will be which companies and employees manage to turn the new reality to their advantage. Which profiles will flourish and which will wither?

Every crisis is a welcome opportunity to look at both the business and the organisation. Do you still have the right vision? Do you have the right players in the team in relation to the changed conditions? Who can make a difference and who should be said goodbye to?

The task is complex, and it is crucial for the company’s survival in the future. How quickly you get the team and the direction set becomes a significant factor in relation to how strong you stand in the fight to win or perhaps simply maintain market shares.

Complex tasks are not solved by individuals but by several people together. Your network and your supplier readiness must therefore really come into play now. The best of them will challenge you and the company based on their reality and skills. You have to keep an overview, and your ability to handle a degree of chaos both in the world around you and in yourself will be decisive for how you and you as a company move forward.

What is the right mix of patience and execution right now, none of us know. One thing is certain, new winners and losers are created in the wake of a crisis. Aid kits are valuable, but they are like life jackets when you smoke overboard. If you don’t know the direction, you just drift around with your head above water until you are picked up or die of thirst.

We are all affected to one degree or another, and have the opportunity to create the future anew. So therefore test your network, your supplier readiness, and make sure you are challenged.

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